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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Ranger Liquid Pearls--Oriental Trading Review

Hello out there! Today I'm doing a review on Ranger Liquid Pearls that were provided to me by Oriental Trading, but before I do, I want to mention a H-U-G-E giveaway they're having! If you like winning things, hop on over and enter to win their $500 daily giveaway!  Imagine what you can do with $500 worth of free Oriental Trading products! Wowza!  They carry thousands and thousands of products, so there is something there for everyone.  Hurry because this generous giveaway ends December 13!

If you're not familiar with Liquid Pearls, think of shimmery puffy paints from years ago.  Each bottle is .5 ounces and has a really skinny needle nose tip for precise application. Liquid Pearls can be used on paper and fabric, so there are a lot of uses out there!  They add a lot of interest and dimension to projects and have a beautiful pearlescent look. They're waterproof, permanent on fabric, and non-toxic, which is one of my favorite words to see because I have a little one who likes to craft with me :)  

This pack came with 8 bottles and the colors are just so beautiful! Lots of possibilities here! I made sure that I didn't alter these samples so you can see exactly what they look like.  And please forgive the mishap with Onyx Pearl. One of the bottles went rolling across the table and landed right in it. Oops!

These tiny bottles carry a lot of fun and excitement in them, but there are also a few bits of info to keep in mind when using them:

            **Because they are paint and they're in tiny bottles, they could get air bubbles, which could easily ruin your project or mess up the look you're going for. To minimize this headache, hold the tube upside down and tap it on the table a few times, then squeeze a tiny bit onto a scrap piece of paper before adding it to your project.  This should help get any air out of there.  If you look at the pictures above, you can probably pick out the colors that had air bubbles in them ;)  

           **Sometimes the tips of bottles like these can get clogged. If you discover this happened to yours, all you have to do to unclog them is to insert a straight pin into the needle nose tip.  To minimize this problem in the future, try squeezing the tube until the paint is ready to come out, then putting on the cap.  

            **Also, don't limit yourself to just applying dots with the product. You can squeeze it out and paint with a paintbrush, too!  Be creative and play around to see what you can come up with.

Let's get started on how I used them!

In early October I realized I didn't have any Halloween shirts so I bought a cute grey one with the word "BOO" spelled in rhinestones.  It wasn't scary and was a neutral color that I could wear with red lipstick (bonus!!), so I thought it was going to be great....until I washed it and the rhinestones started coming off.  I thought that Onyx Pearl would be the perfect color with the perfect amount of shine, so I tried it out....

Look how pitiful the rhinestones looked after just one wash, even inside out on the gentle cycle!

Ta-da!!  I was pretty happy with this result and since Liquid Pearls are washable, they stayed put!

I love adding embellishments to cards and this is a great way to add dimension and interest as well. I love that the applicator is so thin that I can get little tiny dots or large dots out of it.  Here are some examples of different projects on which they were used:

(I used the Gift Bag Punch Board to make the bag pictured above and will be posting a tutorial on it soon!  Stay tuned!)

I really love the pearlescent look,  am very happy with the quality, and definitely recommend this product. There are plenty of color choices, too!  If you have a project that you made using Liquid Pearls, please share it in the comments below!  

Want to see more projects using Liquid Pearls?? Just do a keyword search for "Liquid Pearls" and check them out :)

Thanks for visiting today!

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